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#FollowFriday: Funny People Edition

August 14, 2009

My #followfriday is short and sweet this week. Every week, those on Twitter choose top people to recommend for #followfriday. Last week, I chose three blog posts that I found the most beneficial. This week, I present the top FOUR hilarious people that all have a knack for making me laugh. I do what I want.  Have a bad day? They are always there to make you feel better. Witty and smart doesn’t seem to cover it – but it’s the best words I can come up with. They engage, write stuff that make you stop, and are just all around fun folks.

So, here you go.

@PRCog, King Cog
@chrisilluminati, Chris Illuminati
@bigalittlea, Aaron Levy
@stina6001, Christina K

Notice that all of these people live in NY or Jersey/PA? Yeah, me too. Must be something in the water (besides the mob discarded bodies. I kid.)

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